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Facebook Password Reset Code

Facebook, one of the most used Social Media Platform is a growing network, now even having WhatsApp under it. The website is an American online social media and social networking service based out in California, Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard College Students and roommates.

Facebook password reset code not sent to phone:

The two ‘S’ plays a vital role in everyone’s life which are SAFETY’ and ‘SECURITY.’ And in the terms of social media, security plays a very important aspect. Gradually, we combine our own life with the life of our social media accounts, people tend to forget the difference between ‘Reel and Real Life.’ We all have such vast amount of our personal data added in our social media accounts that we must be really very cautious about the fact that whether or not our social media accounts are being hacked. Then there comes the role of our ‘PASSWORDS’ we all must be careful while choosing our password for our social media platform accounts.

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Nowadays hackers have started guessing accounts and out of the blue trying different accounts with hit and trial basis, what happens is there’s an option Forgot Password’, so if you input a mail id and go for forgot password, it generates an OTP which is sent to your registered mobile number stating that ‘Facebook Password Reset Code by SMS Text and the text consists of an OTP and a weblink. What happens further is explained point to point below:

· The Origin: If you are not clicking on the forgot password option then someone else is continuously trying to log into your account and is finding out a loophole to get access to your account.

· The AI Part: The part of the computer usually monitors your activities and thus it is again and again trying to guess your password because the hacker is compelling it to do so by impersonating as you.

· Phishing Attempt: By phishing attempt it means that no one is trying to log in to your account, it is just a malware created by a hacker and being sent in the form of a text message, so if you’ll end up clicking on the web link present in the SMS text message, you might get redirected to a fake web link which will just look like the official ‘FACEBOOK’ website but will be of fake hyperlink. It will ask you to set up a new password, so the momentum is first they ask you your current password and after that your new password. The moment you’ll enter your current password, they will crash down your Facebook account and you’ll lose the complete hold of it.

· This will result in you losing your data which you have on your Facebook account and it will be breaching of your privacy.

How To Tackle This Situation?

· Just sit idle and do nothing about it.

· Don’t visit the web link provided in the message.

· Don’t go changing your account password, if it had been breached you would not receive such texts.

· The only thing you should think about is how strong your password is and whether or not it can be figured out.

Aforementioned ways are the best possible outcome which can come either in a positive way or a negative way, if you are facing the problem in which ‘Facebook password reset code not sent to phone’, sit back and relax and don’t heed to the message or the web link provided.

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