When you need assistance, you can visit the Google Support page to find a solution to your query. But there are times when you can’t fix your issue using the support page. In that case, you can contact the support team to get help. The customer service team is available in several methods:

  • You can make a phone call to Google technical support team to get help.
  • Also, the Google customer service team is available through live chat.
  • By sending an email to the support team, you can get help from the expert.

Can I Get Help from the Support…

Get some tips to get unlimited storage on Google Photos

Google photos are one of the safest places where we can store our photos and videos. It is convenient for almost all the users to place their important photos and videos without giving much effort. The only thing you need to do is to turn on the backup option of your device after which all your photos and videos will get stored in Google photos. This benefit does not need any effort as when you click any picture it goes to Google photos within seconds. …

Google Photos is considered the best storage option for saving your photos without any fear of misplacing. But there are lots of circumstances that have been seen where users complain that their images are not available in the store or they deleted photos mistakenly from a particular folder available in Google Photos. But Google Photos allow you to recover your deleted photos within a 60 days time period because deleted photos go to the Trash folder from where you can easily recover them. …

Every android user today understands the value of Google play. When faced with complications while using it, there are certain things the users can stick to if they would like to eradicate the problems and the issues related to Google play not connecting to the internet.

The users are faced with the Google error message when the play store cannot connect with the established internet connection. The error code is given and the users then are not able to get started with using the applications that are available on the play store. …

What Steps Are Required To Take The Google Play Store Error 403?

Google play store is one of the best ways of downloading the required apps. The users need to download the apps but sometimes you face issues in your app. You face errors in your Google play app that can irritate you a lot. For this, they look for the troubleshooting steps to fix the bug. You can, therefore, take the following steps to get rid of this.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the issue in your play store:

Method 1:

The proxy settings are responsible for the main reason for error 403. You should disable it by taking the steps mentioned below.

  • You need to head to the settings, and then…

Facebook Password Reset Code

Facebook, one of the most used Social Media Platform is a growing network, now even having WhatsApp under it. The website is an American online social media and social networking service based out in California, Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard College Students and roommates.

Facebook password reset code not sent to phone:

The two ‘S’ plays a vital role in everyone’s life which are SAFETY’ and ‘SECURITY.’ And in the terms of social media, security plays a very important aspect. Gradually, we combine our own life with the life of our social media accounts, people tend to forget the difference between ‘Reel and Real Life.’

Google Play Music no longer available
Google Play Music no longer available

Here is all you need to know

Google Play music was a very famous and well known online music service provider which was used by a wide range of people across the globe. It was well known for its features like music on demand and music without subscription.

Why is Google Play Music no longer available?

Google Play Music service is unavailable for its customers now. It was announced by Google a very long time age that they will be removing this service and the app from the App store and Play Store. The app will disappear from both the stores in August 2020. This was confirmed by…

Reset Facebook Password 1–802–731–0444

Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms that is accessed by users regularly. So, ensuring the security and privacy of the account is essential for the users. But, some users still fail to access their accounts because of technical glitches.

Well, the procedure to recover the Facebook account password is quite simple, but some users are looking for information on how to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code. So, to help out the users, here are the quick instructions that one can follow to reset the email account password.

Reasons behind users losing access to their Facebook account

Apart from the forgotten password, there are multiple…

Gmail customers can reduce their work; meanwhile they can easily solve the day-to-day technical problem associated with the Gmail account just by subscribing the third party Gmail technical support. The highly trained, certified and well experienced technical expert’s can fix any sort of Gmail related technical error and issue in a short time. They are enough competent in catering the exquisite, user-friendly and reliable solutions to the problem.

Learn how to fix PS4 network troubleshooting, users are unable to connect with PSN? Playstation network is online gaming service for connect with PS3, PS4 game platforms. If you can’t able connect with PSN network, users can follow the MTU instruction –

Navigate to — Settings > Network

In Option choose Setup Internet Connection

Then Choose either Wi-Fi OR LAN Cable

If using Wi-Fi — Enter your existing access point password and continue below

If using LAN — Continue below

Choose [Custom] on the next screen.

Select your normal settings for IP Address Settings.

Select your normal settings for DHCP…


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