How Do I Recover My Deleted Google Photos after 60 Days?

Google Photos is considered the best storage option for saving your photos without any fear of misplacing. But there are lots of circumstances that have been seen where users complain that their images are not available in the store or they deleted photos mistakenly from a particular folder available in Google Photos. But Google Photos allow you to recover your deleted photos within a 60 days time period because deleted photos go to the Trash folder from where you can easily recover them. If you don’t know how to recover Google Photos after 60 days or within this time period, then you can follow the mentioned instructions to recover your photos on multiple devices.

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Here are the Methods to Recover Deleted Google Photos:

Method 1: Recover Google Photos from Android

Being an Android user, you can simply access Google Photos on your phone and also recover the deleted photos or folders in a very quick manner. You can follow the below steps to recover your deleted Google Photos an Android:

· First of all, go to Google Play on your Android phone and then download Google Photos.

· Now open the Google Photos app and then tap on the main menu at the top-left corner of the screen.

· Now look for the Trash folder and then select the option from the list that you want to recover the deleted files.

· After that, tap on the Restore option to recover the selected files.

· Now wait for seconds and then your selected Google Photos will be recovered and then the app will save the recovered files on your device.

Method 2: Recover Google Photos on Computer

You can also use your computer to recover the deleted Google Photos with the help of the trash folder. If you want to recover your deleted Google Photos on your computer, then go through the below steps:

· Open a browser of your choice on your computer and then you can go to and then sign in using your Google credentials.

· Now at top-left side, click on the menu or three horizontal lines.

· Now you can see the multiple options and then click on Trash icon available at the bottom side of the screen.

· After that, you can see the deleted items in the trash folder that you recently or previously deleted and then select the photos that you want to recover.

· Now you can click on Restore option after choosing the deleted photos and then recovered photos will be saved in the same folder where it was saved.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Google Photos via Google Support

If you want to recover the Google Photos you deleted 60 days ago, then you can simply get help from the Google support team through the below steps:

· Go to the Google Drive help page from your preferred browser.

· Select the option Missing or deleted files from the available one.

· Now you will have to select an appropriate option of contacting such as chat or email support.

· After that, your photos will be recovered through the way you select to contact the support team.

With the above-given steps, you can also know how to restore Google Photos folder after 60 days in a very effective and simple manner. But in case you are still getting problems while restoring your Google Photos, then you can get the immediate assistance by contacting the customer support team of Google.

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