Playstation PS4 Network Not Working — Try to Fix

Learn how to fix PS4 network troubleshooting, users are unable to connect with PSN? Playstation network is online gaming service for connect with PS3, PS4 game platforms. If you can’t able connect with PSN network, users can follow the MTU instruction –

Navigate to — Settings > Network

In Option choose Setup Internet Connection

Then Choose either Wi-Fi OR LAN Cable

If using Wi-Fi — Enter your existing access point password and continue below

If using LAN — Continue below

Choose [Custom] on the next screen.

Select your normal settings for IP Address Settings.

Select your normal settings for DHCP Host Name.

Select your normal settings for DNS Settings. (Note: If you do not know this setting use [Automatic]

Select [Manual] for MTU Settings

Press enter to pull up the keypad and enter a new value and press X.

  • First use the MTU value of 1473.
  • If the connection test is unsuccessful, try the MTU value of 1450.

Select [Next] to continue

Select your normal settings for Proxy Server.

Next — Test Internet Connection

You will see a value under (PSN Sign-In — Successful) if this process was successful.

If you can’t able to follow these steps OR not getting any steps so you can get help by playstation customer service, they will help you to setup PSN connection.

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